Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I'M SENDING A BIG RAVE for the wall coming down at the Peach Orchard Road post office location!

ROUSING RAVE for Ms. Linda and staff at Vineyards Preschool. The church decided to discontinue the preschool just recently. The service and love these women have endowed to mothers and children in the last decade cannot be applauded enough.

YES TO MORE HEALTHY recipes! Could Karin Calloway please consider them, especially in light of how so many people nowadays have diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions where they must cut out sugars, salt and fats?

RE: THE RANT about doing away with the buses: Haven't you read the article where the buses have increased in riders due to the rising gas prices? If more people would ride buses, we can save more monies from using them on fuel for individual cars. Or to at least encourage car pooling as well. Think, people, think!

A RANT FOR THE PEOPLE who travel Morningside Drive in Country Club Hills who think it is a "drag strip." Please remember cars are entering from driveways with children and senior adults in them. I pray this rant will help, since the road sign posted a year ago hasn't.

YEP, THESE BUSINESSES contradict themselves. KFC playing Sweet Home Alabama , and the local doctor's office playing Shop Around !

A RAVE for a retired warden who's still tough enough to establish control over a problem prison at the behest of the GDOC commissioner, but who's sensitive enough to care in his home for a 92-year-old maternal aunt with Alzheimer's disease.

I DON'T SEE ANYTHING wrong with having four days of school to save money. Kids go to school for an education, not to give parents a break.

OBAMA SAYS he might hold back against going full out against Iran should they attack Israel. Why would Obama refuse to go all out against them?

RON SPRY, PAINE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, should be ousted. All he cares about is his basketball team.