Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


DID ANYONE STOP to think the reason the turnout was so poor at the James Brown birthday bash is because all the weathermen were predicting rain, which never came to pass?

HOW CAN COLUMBIA COUNTY deputies pull people over for running yellow lights and I've watched Columbia County deputies run red lights and almost cause accidents?

WHY ARE THERE so many burned-out lights at the Augusta Riverwalk? This is unsafe especially at night when you are walking your children.

THE IDEA OF CUTTING down those trees in Edgefield is a horror. In an age where air pollution demands more trees be planted, the idea of cutting such air producers for air polluters is an anathema.

I SWEAR I BELIEVE my neighbor's dog can predict the weather better than the weatherman. I missed another golf time. Next weekend I'll ask my neighbor's dog to predict the weather.

A BIG RAVE to Jamie and Nick with McCutcheon Heating and Air, who stopped to help us with a flat tire.

A RAVE FOR THE manager of the Home Depot in Evans. He and his wife were driving out of the parking lot when he saw I had a flat (tire) on my truck. He stopped and offered to change my tire. My big wrench would not fit my lugs so he called two of his employees in Home Depot bring a compressor and inflate my tire and drive me to a place to get my tire fixed. Thank God for such nice people.

THANKS SO MUCH to St. Augustine's Episcopal Church for a superb first-year "Augusta Antique Show." What a treat. I will look forward to this event next year.

I DON'T LIKE the way people are speaking about Congressman Broun. People showed their support for him by voting for him and they can do it again. I will campaign all over Harlem for him.

A RANT TO THE Hephzibah Post Office. I have filled out the yellow form to hold mail, called the 800 number and filled out the forms on the Web site. To no avail. They either deliver the mail anyway, or don't deliver the mail on the resume date.