Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I THINK IT'S RIDICULOUS how long it's taking to do the repair work on Bungalow Road off of Richmond Hill Road.

DAVID MARK HILL "might" be executed soon for three awful murders. His attorney, David Miller, has helped delay justice for 11 years -- so far. How can that lawyer sleep?

HOW GREAT IS IT when our commander in chief tries to blame Congress for not doing enough to fix the terrible economy he created? What a country!

IF REP. BEN HARBIN had an ounce of humility, shame or remorse, he would have already resigned his office.

NOW THE RICHMOND school board might cut school to four days a week. Alas, some schools are so pitiful, maybe kids will learn more in less school days.

GILBERT MANOR residents who have lived on somebody else's dime for 67 years are "unhappy" with their choice of having to move to another freebie? Moving may be a hassle, but when you're living for free in a socialist state, you don't say you're unhappy. You say thanks to the productive people who keep you from having to work.

A BIG RAVE FOR Dr. John Bradley and the ASU Conservatory Jazz Band for an outstanding concert at the Maxwell Theatre.

SEVERAL PEOPLE WILL run against Rep. John Barrow in the next election. Remember, always vote out any incumbent. Even if, by a long shot, there exists in this world a decent politician, that person must go, too, since they're so hard to spot. Generally, we have not gone right by ever letting somebody hold office more than one term; so we might go righter by ousting everybody every election.

THE NEWS SAYS: "Federal, state and local governments are hiring new workers at the fastest pace in six years, helping offset job losses in the private sector." Our "leaders" are now certifiably insane. That's the opposite of what's required. In fact, if government hiring more was the answer, then we should all go to work for the government and nobody work anywhere else, e.g., growing food or building things.