Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


TO THE INDIVIDUALS WHO shot at my house: I hope you realize that your fun turned into a felony when you narrowly missed killing my 79-year-old mother. You have terrified my innocent family.

APPARENTLY EXPERTS CONCLUDE a four-day school week is good because it will save money -- even though the money could be saved from cutting back in a zillion places. Following their logic, we could save ALL school money by closing the schools completely.

THIS IS AN INVITATION to Mr. Marion Williams to move to Blythe. We really could use him as our mayor. Our government and we need you, Mr. Williams. Thanks.

MICHAEL WHITE IS A WONDERFUL weather man. Bob Smith is hard to replace but Michael White can replace him.

A RAVE FOR all the floor nurses on 5 West. We are very blessed and thankful for these nurses from Doctors Hospital.

THANKS TO THE PERSON who turned in my American Express card that I lost at BiLo on Peach Orchard Road. God bless you.

RANT FOR THE PERSON complaining about the Evans tag office religious messages. God forbid they should have any sort of positive messages on the desk. Oops. Did I say God? I'm sorry.

A RANT FOR NORTH AUGUSTA City Council, fixing to pass an ordinance against smokers in the area. They should good go ahead and pass one and then not enforce it like we do the rest of the ordinances in North Augusta.

HOW COME A local vinyl siding company has their office in a metal-sided building?

I LOVE THE QUICK-COOKING recipes that come out in the Wednesday paper by Karin, but I wish that they would be more healthy recipes. It seems like they have a good bit of fat in them.

RE: FOUR-DAY SCHOOL WEEK. I think a school's purpose is education, it's not child care.