Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


ABOUT THE TORNADOS WE recently had around Aiken and Allendale: It troubles me that people say they owned the house but they didn't have the insurance, and they expect FEMA and my money actually to build them a new home. They made a choice, not a good one, but they made a choice.

I HEARD TALK ABOUT doing away with bus service all together. I say keep them running and use the small compact buses for those (routes) that have the least passengers.

I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM with Mercy Ministries over here in Harrisburg and I understand that it is a day shelter, but if it's a day shelter why is it that when they're supposed to be closed for the night that some of the people who they are helping are still hanging out?

RAVE TO DR. BROUN, our congressman. I like the way they speak to me when I call his office. I have been in touch with them and their representatives have been very nice to me.

WHAT A RIPOFF! The American public is not only experiencing high gas prices but each fill-up gets less mileage due to ethanol added to the gas. Look what it says on the pump.

THE NEW CURBS at the side of the First Baptist Church in North Augusta are absurd. They stick out in the road. They would be very unsafe especially at night or a stranger driving on that road. They should be redone.

WHEN AND HOW WAS James Brown made a doctor? Something just doesn't seem right.

I KNOW THAT AS A CHRISTIAN I am not supposed to hate anybody, but I can tell you that I come very, very close when it comes to Jimmy Carter.

A RANT TO THE PEOPLE squawking about Mercy Ministries being in Harrisburg and blaming them for the way the community has turned out. We were already like this before Mercy Ministries moved out here so stop complaining about it.

A RAVE FOR BRIAN HUFFMAN, our Chronicle carrier, who has rearranged his route so that we receive our paper before our daily morning route.