Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK to the person taking up for old moneybags Ted Turner. I doubt very much that Ted Turner knows more Scripture than most people out here. The money he's giving to fight malaria, you better believe that's a big tax write-off for him.

ON THE ISSUE OF Rev. Wright: At least he wasn't running a cult or either he'd never try to bomb federal buildings. He has his own opinion but nobody has to agree with him.

BEFORE WE SPEND ALL this money on infrastructure in south Augusta, please do something about the condition of the roads. People with money won't come into south Augusta with the roads in the shape they are in.

A RANT ABOUT THE PERSON who wrote in about President Bush bowing to the pope. I wish I knew you so I could ask you to bow over so I could give you a swift kick. Have you no respect?

TO THE PERSON RANTING about us being a hundred years behind the times because we ain't got no transit system: Rapid trains? Are you kidding me?

TO THE PERSON who thinks Americans don't bow to any man. American protocol for hosting and greeting foreign visitors states that by bowing you show respect for the visitor and his culture. Not bowing labels oneself as being rude. Bush did not kiss the pope's ring because he is not Catholic. Bush did what was accepted in America.

A RANT FOR THE CUSTOMERS requesting we use an ice scoop to scoop ice. For your information, 90 percent of the restaurants don't use an ice scoop, they dip the cup in the ice. If you don't like it that way ... bring your own.

THIS IS FOR THE COLISEUM Authority. The way you're doing business is not good and Augusta has spoken by not coming to the Blood, Sweat and Tears concert. Others will follow until there is a big change.