Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A RANT TO Barry Fleming for his ignorance about franked mail. In other places in the U.S., some congressmen actually try to keep their constituents informed like Dr. Broun.

"GOV. PERDUE STANDS behind Ms. Abraham saying she's the right person to straighten out the department (Georgia DOT)." How long has Perdue been in office, and why has it taken him so long to "straighten out" what he must have known needed straightening out? Come on, Perdue. You keep giving yourself away.

A RANT TO the Richmond school board for purchasing GPS systems for the buses. I'd think new buses with air conditioning and proper heating would be more important than GPS systems

A RAVE FOR SHERRY at Brickle's Dry Cleaners in Evans. I see her weekly in the drive-through and she always remembers my name and greets me with a smile.

RAVE TO ALL the media coverage of the Coach A.L. Williams Day program. He is a true legend . We love you, Coach. Your BOYS.

A RAVE FOR DR. BROUN, who keeps us informed via mail and virtual town meetings. St. Charlie never felt he needed to ask or even tell us his position.

HELP! THERE IS A BIG problem on River Watch Parkway. The lanes are closed on each side of the highway, making it very dangerous for us. Every morning and afternoon there are several drivers that insist on using the closed lane to "get ahead" of everyone else by racing and dodging to get ahead of the cars that actually have the sense to be in the lane that is not closed. Something needs to be done before someone gets hurt!

RAVES TO FORMER Georgia Gov. Carl E. Sanders for remembering his friend and former aide, D. Douglas Barnard, by attending the new ASU amphitheatre's dedication ceremony where the outdoor venue was named for Barnard.

HUGE RAVE TO THE MAN who pulled my precious granddaughter, two of her classmates and my daughter-in-law from the awful wreckage when their vehicle was struck by a produce truck near Grovetown. God bless you.