Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


BIG STORY ABOUT "Funding hinges on legislative clout.'' How sad that even in state government, nothing is done because it's absolutely constitutional and necessary. Rather, things get done because of "clout."

JIMMY CARTER'S EGO continues to threaten the U.S. and Israel. What an arrogant dope!

WAY TO GO COLTS! Augusta should be proud to have another winning team!

WHY IS THAT Augustans are always the crazy drivers during the Masters?

DOES ANYONE KNOW IF Paul Broun records or listens to the responses roared into the phone each time some unsuspecting constituent picks another of his continual aggravating recorded messages?

TO THE RANTER on Ted Turner giving money to the church to fight malaria: Do pray for Ted, but please also pray for yourself. Apparently Ted knows more about Scripture than you do, friend. Jesus clearly tells us that our job as a church is to feed the hungry, heal the sick, comfort the afflicted, and more!

THE ONE THING I have noticed about The Chronicle format change is less news and more advertisements.

BILL KIRBY SAYS Bill Wood gives this fact: "There are ... 4,998 types of snakes in Georgia." He omits the fact that all but 4,995 of those are politicians.

A RANT FOR THE "ELDERLY PEOPLE WRITING CHECKS" Are you kidding? I'd rather wait on someone writing a check, than wait on someone with five screaming kids using a "quick" food stamps credit card! Get over yourself and wait! You will be old one day too!

I READ THE ARTICLE on Harrisburg and I am thankful we have people like Butch Palmer, who is trying to clean up our neighborhood. And Betty Beard not taking the petition seriously. If the ministeries were still in the the Laney Walker and they were having these problems, her name would have been the first on the petition. She was put in office to help all of her district, not just the Laney Walker area.