Across South Carolina

Bill allowing poker at home will have to wait


COLUMBIA --- Legislators have folded on a bill that would legalize kitchen table poker.

A measure legalizing recreational poker games in homes was sent back to a House panel on Wednesday without debate.

The move ends the bill's chances of passing this year.

State law currently bans any game with cards or dice.

Representative Wallace Scarborough has said a friendly game of cards should be legal.

House panel cuts out bigger pension checks

COLUMBIA --- House members have nixed plans for all retirees to get bigger pension checks saying they are concerned about keeping higher retirement pay for themselves.

A House subcommittee succeeded in eliminating legislators' retirement pay increases during a meeting Wednesday afternoon.

They also eliminated the same perk for the state's judges and prosecutors.

Some lawmakers wanted to approve the extra retirement benefits as a hedge against inflation, reminding colleagues legislators currently collecting retirement and their widows would also benefit.


GOV. MARK SANFORD threw his support behind political newcomer Katrina Shealy in her state Senate bid against state Sen. Jake Knotts, a frequent Sanford critic.

A FORMER UNION COUNTY prison guard has been arrested after he stole cocaine stored at the jail to train police dogs, then took a syringe and injected himself with the drug, authorities said.

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