Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I WOULD LIKE TO SAY thank you to all the good doctors and nurses on the third floor IC unit at Doctors Hospital who took care of my friend for 19 days.

IN ATLANTA, you have to get 100 permits to cut down one tree. In Augusta, you can bulldoze every tree in your yard and you can circle your yard with same trees and limbs and it is not a violation. Come on, Augusta, protect property owners from ignorance of other property owners.

WHO WILL JOIN ME in a class-action suit against Paul Broun for harassing phone calls and P.O. box-clogging mail?

WHY DOESN'T GOLF have a name for doing something three times in a row, like in bowling three strikes is a turkey. I would propose we name a streak of three bogeys a turkey: "Here's Phil lining up a putt on the fourth hole to avoid a turkey ..."

RAVES TO Felicia Turner, the principal at Lakeside Middle School, for opening her school during instructional time to parental visits.

STATE SEN. ERIC JOHNSON says he's conservative, yet he wants to setup a "permanent funding source for treating critically injured people." Can Sen. Johnson be both Republican, conservative and socialist?

AHH ... MASTERS TRAFFIC. People speeding, cutting you off, wandering around lost, in the wrong traffic lanes, not sure where they're going. And that's just the local folks!

A BIG RAVE for page 2 of The Chronicle, highlighting the important stories and where to find them. With so much information coming in to us, this format makes it easier to locate what is most important to each individual.

I WANT TO THANK the Democratic Party for $4-a-gallon gas. The Democrats have stopped the oil companies from building a new refinery and drilling for oil in the United States. I hope gas goes to $10 a gallon.

ATHEISTS HAVE BEEN maligned and marginalized for too long. There should be a national holiday which recognizes their contributions to our society. I suggest April 1.

TIME TO DO AWAY with middle-grade fuel. We don't need it.

AS LOUSY A PRESIDENT as LBJ was, I think we are seeing history as Bush runs around the world trying to solve everyone's problems but our own.