Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


THE FRONT PAGE of the April 6 edition of The Augusta Chronicle boasts of a 72-page Masters preview. Actually 32 of those pages are advertising, and that's counting only the full or half page ads.

THANKS FOR THE EXCELLENT 2008 Masters Preview. The feature on Rae's Creek was a very thoughtful bonus. There is a heaven!

RAVES TO ADMINISTRATORS at both Episcopal Day School and Tubman Middle School for encouraging parents to see what goes on in their respective classrooms.

HOW DOES THE McDuffie Board of Education justify the money spent on the Renaissance program?

I CAN'T BELIEVE the fireman on the computer. How in the world is he going to get that off?

I SEE THAT someone has done the math on what this war is costing in terms of fuel. Now if they would just include the other cost of fuel as well: cost of chartered airlines, cost of training, cost of contractors in Iraq, and the cost of civilian war effort. No wonder the oil companies are getting richer.

NEED AUTO LICENSE renewed? Go to Appling. Nice, scenic, short drive; no waiting in long lines; and the natives are friendly.

RAVES TO THE MAN that found my credit card in a Kroger shopping cart in Martinez. I tried calling the phone number on my answering machine and it is not in service. I am a 79-year-old widow. God bless you for sparing me a lot of anxiety. Thanks again.

A RAVE TO CHRIS THOMAS , Channel 12 WRDW News. I can't resist listening to the news when Chris Thomas comes on.

I FEEL THE LOSS of Virginia Tech students but I do not think that we the taxpayers should have to pay for the burden where the system failed.

THIS IS A RAVE for Brian, my paper carrier. He always bags my paper and throws it close to the house. I have a disability and it is hard for me to get out and get my paper. He'll never know how much I appreciate this. I live in the Belvedere Ridge. Thank you.