Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A REPLY to the grandchild who wrote in about the grandparents having favorites. Maybe the favorites come to visit them, they call them, they send them thank-you cards when they get presents in the mail and they come around on days other than Christmas and their birthday, and they don't always have their hand out.

A RANT for all Republicans who are complaining about high gas prices, the economy, housing crisis, the job market and rising food costs. Don't complain now! You voted for George W. Bush ... now deal with it!!

THIS IS A RANT to the online bloggers. I recently read through the blogs one day last week, and I could not believe the amount of racism and bigotry on there. No wonder why people have said that you are wasting your time and not doing work.

RE: REP. PAUL BROUN: It's easy to understand Henry II's despair when he cried. "Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest (in our case, representative)?

HAVING RECENTLY moved here from south Florida I am astonished at the number of drivers I see every morning driving to work refusing to slow down and observe the reduced speed zones near our schools. Let's all take a time out and think about the potential tragedy waiting to happen when speeding through the school zones during drop off and pick up times.

IT APPEARS THE SPLOST con has caught taxpayers again, this time to build unneeded schools. Politicians pretend they need money, so they add on a tax called Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. Problem is, the pols don't have a clue what that "special purpose" is until they get the money in their grubby fists. Only then do they hunt around and dig up a "use" for the money that never should have been gouged out of taxpayers in the first place.

RAVES TO WARDEN Victor Walker at the Augusta State Medical Prison along with Sgt. Alfred Cain, Mr. Armstrong of the ounce of prevention services program (OOPS), Alison Ramos and their team through the Georgia Department of Corrections Choose Freedom First program and the Department of Juvenile Justice.