Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THE AUGUSTA ENGINEERING Department said pedestrians have 27 seconds to cross 15th Street. That 27 seconds is to dodge cars since there is no set time for pedestrians to cross with no traffic. We need all traffic directions to stop for 27 seconds.

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Auctioning off James Brown's socks and underwear? Leave the man some dignity.

FOR ALL YOU LADIES WHO drive your SUVs and talk on a cell phone, this lady has had enough. From now on I won't avoid the accident due to your stupidity. Hope your insurance is up to date.

THANK YOU TO THE person who paid for my breakfast on April 1 at McDonald's on Highway 56. It was such a surprise when I went to pay and the young man handed me a smiley face card from Hebron Baptist Church. You made my day!

A RAVE FOR ALL Columbia County deputies! You guys ROCK!

I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANKS for the Richmond County Board of Transportation for getting the kids back and fourth to school every day safely!

A BLURB TELLS US: "Look for our in-depth special section previewing the 2008 Masters Tournament." Had to laugh! What's "deep" about grown men hitting little white balls with sticks?

I AM A MOTHER OF a student at Bungalow Road alternative school. I think it is unfair to the students when there are in line to be searched to enter the building and it goes past 7:25 a.m. The students are not allowed to eat breakfast. Some of the kids don't get to eat at home like others.

TO THOSE WHO LOOK DOWN on the ones out there on Sunday selling papers: I sell papers on Sunday on Wrightsboro Road. I am out there trying to make it. I hope when you all see us out there you don't think bad about us. We are trying to make it. I would just like to thank everyone who buys a Sunday paper from me and my daughter.

A RANT TO THE folks who, when driving up a hill, slow down to 10 mph instead of maintaining the posted speed. Step on the gas please!