Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A BIG THANK-YOU to the nice people at The Fresh Market, especially Tom for loaning his cell phone to us so we could track down our lost and very late shuttle on Wednesday afternoon after the Masters.

MY HUSBAND AND I just arrived back home in Pennsylvania after a wonderful first-time visit to Augusta and the Masters Tournament. We were thrilled to experience the grandeur of the Augusta National Golf Club and the superb hospitality of the Augusta residents.

OBVIOUSLY, ALL WISH well for the new federal Judge James Randall Hall. Alas, he was recommended by two foes of the people, the two Georgia senators, and appointed by the notorious bozo George Bush.

A HUGE RAVE to Richmond County Recreation Department. I love all the senior events you offer at your community centers. The Brigham Center fitness center is FABULOUS. I have no excuse to be chubby any more!

I WOULDN'T FIRE those guys for tying up their firefighter bud, I'd fire them for putting it on the Internet.

THANKS TO THE CHRONICLE and Toyota of Augusta for the fun 3-D section in the paper! Made me feel like a kid again looking through the View-Master!

DON'T GET ME WRONG, I do sympathize with the victims and their families but I don't understand why Virginia is paying the victims of the shooting at VA Tech at all. It wasn't the state's fault that a gunman decided to shoot the place up. This is just another example of taxpayers carrying another burden that is not theirs to carry.

RAVES to Judge Marvin Arrington of Fulton County for his evangelical efforts to put an end to the terrible waste of young minds in Fulton County.

THIS IS A RAVE to Dr. Grayson Brown, DVM, of Martinez Animal Hospital, who went out of his way to euthanize our beloved family pet AFTER his office hours in the comfort of our own home. He and his staff exhibited such compassion and professionalism to the extent of ensuring proper arrangements were made as well as comforting and ensuring family members at this difficult time in our lives.