Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I'M NEW TO AUGUSTA, and I wish somebody would've warned me to put a cattle guard on the front of my truck to keep jaywalkers out of the way.

I LIVE IN GREEN MEADOWS and I'm ashamed for people to come up here on Green Meadows Drive because of all the bottles and trash and everything. It needs to be cleaned up.

CONGRATULATIONS FOR Rants & Raves. I'm quite sure it takes a lot of people's frustrations away by writing in what they don't like or do like, and therefore saves people from getting shot.

THE DOG PARK is not a good idea. I am old, can't walk very good and I sure don't need a dog jumping up on me, knocking me down.

THE SUPERINTENDENT and members of the Jenkins County Board of Education must think that the citizens of Jenkins County are stupid.

A GIANT RAVE TO the very nice gentleman who stopped to change my flat tire April 5 when I was on my way to Wal-Mart. You were so kind; you gave me good advice on how I should get the tire fixed.

A RANT FOR THE DOT, State Patrol, Richmond County police or whoever is responsible for these big trucks on Highway 56, Mike Padgett Highway. They just high ball it up and down that road all the time. Someone needs to do something and slow these big trucks down.

TO THE WOMAN I saw poking her thumbnail into the ears of corn at the grocery store: Nobody wants to buy the corn that you have stuck your fingernail into and tossed back.

RANT FOR THE CLOSING of the Northwood and Riverridge exit/entrances. This is the first time in over 45 years this has happened. We resent it.

A RANT CONCERNING THE Avondale settlement. I was an employee there, and I believe the money should be split with the employees that lost their jobs.