Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I SPENT MONDAY AT the practice round and was incredibly impressed -- not just with the beauty of the course and the tremendous condition it is in, but with the organization of every aspect of my visit -- from going to the men's room to buying a sandwich and a Coke. Thanks to everyone there for making Augusta National the great place it is.

HOMELESSNESS IS A political problem that the politicians are famous for ignoring. Homelessness affects the morale of taxpaying voters who live around them. Politicians, whose votes are you courting ?

A HUGE RAVE FOR the new format of The Chronicle , especially page 2 which highlights the important stories of the day. The paper is now more inviting and readable.

DIRECTV MAY NOT be your choice but they have one employee, Shawn Jimenez, who will go the distance for their customers. He answers his phone, is very courteous, keeps appointments, is a man of his word, takes care of any problems, and maintains a professional manner at all times. Thank you, Shawn.

A HUGE RANT FOR commissioners. Every major metropolitan city in the country has at least one dog park. No one uses the Botanical Gardens as it is. I live downtown, and walk there three times a week, and never see anyone else. Why can't our dogs have a place to exercise and play?

A BIG RAVE FOR Elliott at the Grovetown Post Office. He is such a jewel. He always greets you with a big smile on his face as soon as you walk in the door. Keep up your great work, Elliott, you are truly a charm!

A HUGE RAVE TO THE family that found our neighbor's wallet on Glenn Hills Drive and returned it, completely intact! What a WONDERFUL example these parents are setting.

IF EVOLUTION IS TRUE, why do we have a seven-day week? Animals don't.

ARE PEOPLE "anti-pet" or anti-paying for other people's pets?

TENNESSEE AND GEORGIA are at odds about where our common border lies. Will this get worked out in a civilized manner, or will we find ourselves in another war?