Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


RAVES TO Superintendent Charlie Nagle and his assistant Robbie Jarrell for the informative high school rezoning meeting they conducted at Greenbrier High School.

RAVES TO the courteous and helpful young servers at the new restaurant on the Few Parkway.

TO THE PERSON WHO doesn't like sports on the front page, shame on you. You should be so proud of the ASU Jaguars and other sports teams whose students achieve these heights. Hint: Don't read your paper Masters Week.

AUGUSTA CHRONICLE, I WANT to thank you for having this very fine column. And I would like to say raves to former mayor Scott Dean and his wife and children. He was a fine mayor of Harlem and people didn't appreciate him like they should.

A RANT FOR THE CHRONICLE . Your right-wing rag is the opposite of a free press. If a ranter complains about Bush or Republicans, chances are very small it makes into print.

THIS IS A RANT TO ALL race fans out there. If you get tired of watching the race on North Leg, turn off on Idlewilde. The spend limit is gonna drop between 55 and 70 because this is a 30-mile zone. Keep your kids out of the street 'cause this is definitely a race track.

A RANT AGAINST ALL the people who are complaining against Rep. Broun's "Robocalls." What he is doing is a great service for our community. He's engaging the public. He' s giving people an opportunity to speak their mind, to listen to other people's views.

A RANT FOR YOU bicycle riders and you joggers. A car or a truck is more powerful than your two legs or your two wheels on your bicycle. Either quit acting like you own the road or get out of our way

I READ IN THE CHRONICLE they are letting 8- to 16-year-olds in free at the Masters with a paid patron. Evidently they don't consider people here in Augusta would like to go the Masters. I have tried for 63 years to get into the Masters just to see the Par 3 and cannot do it, cannot even get tickets.