Fix it: Gum Swamp Road

WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? Several large cracks and potholes on Gum Swamp Road, off Old Jackson Highway in Beech Island, are making life difficult for those who live near the Savannah River. Fix It took a trip down the scenic roadway and found two spots where the pavement was broken into pieces and another that appeared to have been filled in with gravel.

WHO'S RESPONSIBLE? The Aiken County Engineering Services Department and the South Carolina Department of Transportation share roadway maintenance in Aiken County. Joe Berry, of the Engineering Services Department, said his office is responsible for Gum Swamp Road. His office can be reached at (803) 642-1535.

WHAT'S BEING DONE? Mr. Berry said crews went out to the roadway and filled some of the holes with rock to stabilize them until the weather improved. They returned March 26 and patched a pothole.

-- Compiled by Adam Folk

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