Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A HUGE RAVE TO THE fifth-graders at South Columbia Elementary. Your play performance of Hamlet was wonderful. All those months of hard work paid off. You should be proud. Also, a big thank-you those who helped make this possible.

YOUR AP STORY CALLED Stonehenge "Some of England's most sacred soil." What's sacred about a pagan rock pile?

SECRETARY RICE AGAIN is "threatening" Israel if it doesn't follow the dictates of the U.S. Rice needs firing, and immediately.

THE GEORGIA SUPREME COURT upheld the conviction of Charles Lee Bowman, who did his murdering 17 years ago. What kind of "justice" system takes 17 years to get a confessed murderer completely convicted?

AUGUSTA GETS $11,000 (U.S. taxpayer money) to study Harrisburg?

Is it up to Oregon taxpayers to pay to study a section of Augusta, Ga.? Is it up to taxpayers from Kansas? From Florida even? No wonder Washington, D.C., can't balance a budget.

DO WE NOW HAVE TO hear about James Brown's vasectomy for the next who knows how long? Would the media PLEASE take better responsibility for what they print? Would you like YOUR most personal info out there for the whole world?

TO THE IMPATIENT JERK at the gas station: I hope it made you feel better Saturday when you blocked my 65-year-old mother and my aunt in at the gas pumps because you thought my Mom took to long to pay for her gas. I hope it made you feel more like a man to make them sit in their car while you pumped and paid for your gas. Oh, by the way, they had just left the hospital, where my aunt had just lost her husband.

TO THE IDIOT RANTING about the Pre-K Program in Columbia County. Their Pre-K program is not a baby-sitting service. Those children go through school activities all day long. They don't just sit there and play and watch TV. I am a mother of a 6-year-old and I say their program is excellent and it helped my son out a lot.