Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


THIS A HUGE RAVE for the gentleman that greets the children every morning at Westmont Elementary School in the school drop-off line. He is full of energy and very enthusiastic. He always puts a smile on my and my son's face, no matter what kind of morning we are having.

A HUGE RAVE FOR MCG's medical student Matthew P. Rudy and his committee.

A BIG RANT FOR city attorneys and city officials who deliberately obstruct the media and concerned citizens from viewing and copying public records and purchase orders. Our tax dollars pay your salaries and for all city purchases, and you are obligated to give us easy, inexpensive access to our public records. When you don't you appear to be hiding something.

A GREAT BIG RAVE for Harlem United Methodist Church for sending a man to fix my window and build me steps. God bless all of you.

PLEASE DON'T BOOK the circus at the civic center. We already have the greatest show on earth there -- 365 days a year.

THE NATIVES WHO WANT Yankees to go back up North are going to have to get a new catchphrase. How about: "Delta MIGHT be ready when you are."

TO THE GENTLEMAN who picked up my wallet at the bank drive-through. I know who you are and I asked you twice if you saw my wallet or picked it up. You said no both times, but I know you got it and the bank knows it. You were on camera. God have mercy on you.

FORGET A PENNY sales tax increase. Let's give police and firemen all the civic center money. Then lock the doors of the building, turn around and run and not look back, and give the keys to Cal Ripken before we drop them.

SPENDING $49 BILLION on a security fence along the Mexico border while our highways, bridges and energy grid fall apart is asinine. If you want to improve security for the nation, boost security at ports, chemical plants and energy facilities.

I CAN NEVER GET a legitimate rant posted because you constantly use Rants & Raves about the stupid Chronicle format or run a rave about some guy changing a tire.