Rants and raves

Mustapha Tunkara with MSD Visual levels a wayfinding sign at the corner of 10th and Broad Street early Friday morning April 4, 2008. The city of Augusta is putting several signs downtown to help tourists just in time for the Masters golf tournament. . Annette M. Drowlette/staff

Comments from our readers:


IF JAMES BROWN actually said his vasectomy was painless (Augusta Chronicle , 03-29-08), then he didn't have one!

PLEASE PRINT THE NAMES of the Coliseum Authority members, the government official who appointed them and the length of their appointment. Pictures of them also would be helpful. I would like to know who these clowns are.

A RANT TO THE MOM who complained about her daughter getting pulled over for going 10 mph on Furys Ferry. I am not even going to mention the numerous reasons why you should be glad this officer pulled your daughter over.

ENOUGH ABOUT THE dog park already! My wife, dog and I have been there on several occasions now and seen not one other human or dog there. Where are all of these people that are so upset about the dogs?

HOW HARD CAN THE JOB at the Civic Center be? It seems all you have to be able to do is answer the phone and learn how to say "no" to every form of entertainment that would like to come here to Augusta.

IT IS AMAZING! The Democrats want us to elect them to make the rules for our country, when after being a political party for years they cannot even make rules to run a successful presidential nomination selection process.

A BIG RANT TO THE churches in Augusta that refuse to take disciplinary action against their pastors for misconduct but punish the young ladies instead.

YES, WE HAVE SOME pitiful help in a lot of part-time workers. They act like they don't really care for the work they promised to do just because they don't get benefits. I fear for their work ethic and morals when they can get a so-called real job in the future. And a big rave for that special scanner for the maintenance workers that are catching the cheaters of work time in the Board of Education. It's too bad that it had to come to such a device to cut down on such bad workers.