Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A RANT TO THE online readers' comments: Do away with them. That way those that spend their whole day writing on them will be forced to get a job. Then maybe they can afford the gas prices they keep crying about.

WILL YOU PLEASE STOP publishing Rants & Raves over the new format of the paper? Who cares? I never heard so much crying over a non-issue.

A RANT ABOUT 95 Rock letting that ignorant Jordan on the air. He offends everyone. I would rather listen to a car alarm instead of that raving idiot.

TO THE RANTER ABOUT Columbia County taxes used to pick up trash. The sheriff's office has two inmate crews that go all around the county picking up trash. Funny thing, though, it needs picking up again within about two days of the inmates' cleaning up an area. So my rant is to all the people who litter.

THIS IS A RAVE for WBBQ and the affiliates that worked so had on Saturday to keep us up to date with the storms.

A RAVE TO THE Columbia County News Times for featuring people who make a difference in the community, but a rant for highlighting those who are profiting from the free advertising, like local authors and store owners.

RANT TO ALL DRIVERS WHO drive up the ramp to get on I-520 and completely ignore the merge sign. The one who drives fastest gets to the gas station the quickest.

A RAVE FOR JUDGE Carlisle Overstreet, who actually stood by the door as excused potential jurors were excused and personally took time to shake hands and thank everyone for the time to participate in the jury selection process.

A RAVE TO THE Richmond County Board Education for hiring a superintendent who knows what is really going on in these schools! Some of the slackest of principals are working hard.

A RANT TO PEOPLE that order pizza online and call in orders to be delivered and don't tip. Gas is high. Drivers are just like waiters. This is how they make their money.

DURING MASTERS WEEK many positive statements appear in this column. Let's put our best foot forward to show our visitors that we are a wonderful community. We have much for which to be thankful.