Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


LET'S ELIMINATE ALL shootings by eliminating all guns. And, while we are at it, let's eliminate: highway deaths by eliminating vehicles; drownings by eliminating swimming pools and boats; drug addiction by eliminating needles; obesity by eliminating eating utensils; and alcoholism by eliminating alcohol. Oh, wait, we tried that with alcohol.

TO THE COMMENT of the Augusta Commission meeting in Aiken, why not? Augusta sucks. Maybe while in Aiken the commissioners can gain some insight and learn how an effective government works.

RAVES TO THE Richmond school board and Dr. Bedden for demonstrating intelligence and courage in recruiting an out-of-state auditor to help them revamp the Richmond County School System.

LET ME ASSURE YOU -- NO ONE you work around wants to hear you popping gum!

IN REFERENCE TO the MCG student who was killed by the city bus. I worked for MCG Public Safety for many years and this is not the first problem concerning pedestrians. Attempts were made years ago to improve pedestrian/vehicle conditions. Some of the problem was with local government, which was uncooperative at the time, and with certain MCG administrators. Also, many foreign students are not familiar with traffic congestion.

SYLVIA COOPER'S COLUMN does cover "Dixie Like the Dew." Early in the morning and mostly all wet!

RAVES TO DR. BEDDEN for his willingness to cooperate with the sheriff's office and the Augusta-Richmond County Transportation Department to reduce school disruptions and the costs of hauling students and municipal bus passengers.

COME ON, HARRISBURG. Get moving and get some things done. You are letting HONG KONG get ahead of you. Get rid of some of the bad business places. Get rid of some more of the drug houses. Start fighting for what we need.