Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I'D LIKE TO RAVE about the little girl who sang the national anthem at the Augusta Colts game on Thursday night. I didn't catch her name, but she was awesome. Great voice!

'REORGANIZATION DOES not mean termination,' said Jimmy Atkins. Spoken like a true politician! Why spend the thousands of dollars for an audit if you are not going to follow it?

RAVES TO WAGT 26'S meteorological personnel for their outstanding coverage of Saturday's severe weather events.

A HUGE RAVE and thank you to Jeff Rucker! The best weather reporting! We needed him to help keep us safe.

THE WHITE FLOWERS that are blooming on the trees right now are Bradford pear trees!

AMERICA'S HEALTH CARE system is the best in the world. The Democrats want to make it like Canada's and England's: inefficient and ineffective. Vote carefully in November.

THE RICHMOND COUNTY Coliseum Authority should be abolished and the James Brown Arena sold or rented out to a private venue. Taxpayers would be relieved from all the cost and incompetence.

IF HILLARY'S "long experience in the White House" qualifies her to be president, let's elect the White House butler?

RANT TO THE ORGANIZERS of the St. Patrick's Day parade. Why not do Saturday when children are out of school and adults are off work?

HOW IS IT THAT Obama gets a free pass when he is associated with a pastor who is obviously a racist, anti-American, and former candidate Romney was called to the carpet regarding his Mormon religion and the past history of the Mormon Church?

RAVES TO THE FIRM auditing the Richmond County school system for recognizing that its board attorney is making far more money off the school system than Charles Larke ever did.