Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


RANT TO THE DOG PARK proposal. Something to think about: The Southeast is the parasite capital of our country, due to our weather. Parents, do not take your children there! Wear shoes!

RAVES TO CIVIC-MINDED people like Sgt. Rountree, Judge Sams and Mr. Sammie Sias, who are willing to work to improve our area by solving our crime problem.

MY RANT? There aren't enough Rants or Raves that make me chuckle as I eat my Cheerios.

A RANT FOR National Hills Shopping Center, where I see hundreds of gallons of water running down the parking lot every morning from watering their grass. Bad corporate citizen.

DOES IT REALLY MATTER how The Augusta Chronicle is laid out? If you do not like it, do not read it. If you do like it, good for you. But for crying out loud, stop talking about it.

THIS IS A BIG RANT for all you idiots who acted like a rioting mob, pushing and shoving people out of line while the Harlem Globetrotters were signing autographed basketballs. Some things never change.

LAST WEEK, I FLEW out of the newly renovated Augusta Regional Airport. The building was beautiful. The security and ticket agents were extremely friendly and helpful. There were no lines, and the flight to Atlanta was 15 minutes early. The entire experience was so pleasant, such a contrast to the chaos at the Atlanta airport.

IT'S TOO BAD that more of the James Brown monies will have to go towards legal fees, what with the ridiculous filing by Tomi Rae for DNA tests for the adult kids listed in the will.

THANKS TO THE LADY at Wal-Mart on Deans Bridge Road for returning my purse to the pharmacy. I had my blood pressure checked, and I forgot it there and didn't know it until I got to the checkout and I went back and she had turned it in there in the pharmacy. ... May God bless her.

A BIG RAVE for the person that found my papers that I lost at Fort Gordon for vehicle identification. I thank him very much. I also have a rave for Mr. Turney, who works there and issues these vehicle ID numbers. I thank all of them. They have done a fine job.