Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A RAVE! A big thank you to the Richmond County law enforcement officers and investigators who have helped recover much of my wife's jewelry, which was stolen from our home a couple of weeks ago. Not enough good things are said about our local law enforcement people. Our community needs to be very proud and thankful for the dedicated professionals who protect us. God bless all of you.

A RAVE to The Augusta Chronicle for the fine story about a fine young lady, Miss Ginny Boone, the 2008 STAR Student for Richmond County.

I THINK THE CHRONICLE needs to post an in-depth article about the trillions of dollars in costs for this current Iraqi war, including figures and expenses to maintain the vets that come back physically, mentally and emotionally traumatized. Let's not let Bush "quietly" fund this war with strictly emergency monies under our noses.

RANT FOR THE PARENTS and students of Lakeside High/Middle School and Blue Ridge Elementary and Preschools. Slow down! The blinking yellow lights may save your children. Blue Ridge Drive is not the Daytona Speedway. The school zone is 20 mph. Stay off my bumper! Where are the Columbia County cops when you need them?

A BIG RANT for the poor planning of the construction work done at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Washington Road. One-lane traffic in both directions caused massive backups, bumper cars, and stalled vehicles on Thursday, with no alternative driving route. It took half an hour to go one mile.

RAVE: THANK GOD for the drought-breaking rains.

KUDOS TO THE CHRONICLE for putting its involvement with the lawsuit against the city right up front with the article, not hidden or stashed away on Page 103 in fine print.

PLEASE BRING the old Augusta Chronicle back. I am planning on stopping my subscription due to the "new look." Please do a poll to see how many people want the old Augusta Chronicle back.