Craig takes judge's oath

Morris News Service
Danny Craig raises his hand Monday in the Senate chamber of the Capitol to take the oath of office administered by Gov. Sonny Perdue. Mr. Craig's wife, Crystal Craig, holds the Bible.

ATLANTA --- Danny Craig moved Monday to the other side of the bench when Gov. Sonny Perdue swore in the former district attorney as the newest judge of Richmond County Superior Court.


"I think good prosecutors makes good judges," Mr. Perdue said. "... When you ask the judicial community across Georgia to name the top D.A. in the state, typically you won't get past three before this next gentleman's name pops up, and that's Danny Craig."

Judge Craig had been district attorney in Augusta since 1993. He won the District Attorney of the Year for Georgia in 2000 and the National Trial Advocacy Award in 2004. He has prosecuted 28 death-penalty cases, more than any other prosecutor in the state.

In the Boy Scouts of America, he rose to the rank of Eagle by age 13 and worked as a McDonald's clerk, pipefitter and accountant while attending night law school. Since he began practicing law in 1979, he has also served as the Municipal Court judge in Grovetown.

His sister, Susan Craig, said there was no doubt he would be wearing judicial robes from the time he was a small boy.

"The consensus is you were born to be a judge," she said.

Judge Craig said that being a prosecutor for 14 years has given him some ideas on how courts should operate and plenty of role models to pattern himself after. But it was his barber on Saturday who also provided some advice: Color within the lines.

"When judges and attorneys stay within the lines, they not only administer a complex judicial system but they honor God," Judge Craig said.