Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A BIG RAVE to the employees of Doctors Hospital and Joseph M. Still Burn Center.

RAVES TO DONNA and Melissa at the front desk of University Prompt Care Center!

A RANT FOR Chronicle sports writers. When are y'all going to give Lakeside High School a break?

RAVE FOR Patricia at the MCG love lab. She was wonderful.

AUGUSTA CHRONICLE, please put back our Metro like we had it.

FAT MAN'S sold out to MCG. You will find that out in the weeks to come.

ON FEB. 9, some wonderful person found my credit card and turned it into customer service at Reid's on Augusta-Aiken Highway. Thank you.

I MISS THE STOCK REPORTS. I don't have a computer and the stock reports were very helpful.

RAVE FOR THE Augusta Housing Authority. I want to thank Sharlene Denton and Doug Downs for a job well done.

RE: STATE REP. DON SMITH, Republican of North Augusta's recent remark in another newspaper that illegal immigration is a national problem not a state problem in S.C. It's time for Don to come back home. He needs to retire like Skipper Perry of Aiken. He is only taking up space in Columbia.

BIG RANT TO THE new and improved Augusta Chronicle . I am a longtime reader and I do not like it at all.

I LOVE THE CHRONICLE, but what have you done to it? You've messed it up.

A RAVE FOR James at Rite Aid on Walton Way. He's very helpful.

I'M THE ORIGINAL ranter who suggested you eat a pack of cigarettes. Take the filters off. Then eat them.