Rants and raves

Comments from our readers on Valentine's Day:


A BIG RAVE for Martha King from Augusta Cares. I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

A RAVE for Trinity Hospital nurses on Trinity 3. I had surgery, and the staff was compassionate and caring.

A BIG RAVE for Christopher with Sizemore Security at Doctors Hospital. He saw my elderly husband, and I needed help so he got it.

A RAVE FOR THE manager at Jiffy Lube. She was very sweet. She knew what she was doing and it is impressive.

THANK YOU, GUYS, at the Augusta Fire Department for changing my batteries in my smoke detector today.

A RAVE FOR THE receptionist at Bobby Jones Ford. I feel the need to call her every day just to hear her voice to cheer me up because she just always answers the phone so cheerfully.

RAVE ABOUT THE staff in the OfficeMax in Evans (Mullins Crossing). Not only are they helpful, they are very knowledgeable about their products.

RAVES TO BAYVALE Elementary School for its first Parent Academy. Wonderful presenters, great panel.

RAVES TO The Chronicle for the new presentation format. I think it is especially appropriate to have rearranged the daily death listing into a more horizontal posture.

RAVE FOR THE AIKEN sheriff's department. We had a couple of intruders in our yard one night, and within 30 minutes an Aiken patrol officer showed up at my door and checked out the problem. Took care of it for us, and I appreciate the service.

A BIG RAVE for the generous young man who spotted, and then changed, my flat tire, accepting only a hug as payment, and for the gentleman who patiently waited until I could unblock his car in the very cold parking lot. And, yes, I now have four new tires.