Augusta facilities need improvement

An Augusta nursing home has landed on a list of chronically deficient nursing homes, but its administrator is looking forward to the next inspection.


Blair House Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 2541 Milledgeville Road, was one of 54 added to a list of 131 poorly performing homes named as "Special Focus Facilities." Though most nursing homes will have six to seven violations on a survey, these facilities will usually have twice that many and over longer periods of time, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which compiled the list.

Another facility, The Place at Augusta, is also on the list but is included among those that have "shown improvement."

Blair House hopes to show it has done the same, administrator LeAnne Perkins said.

The facility was cited for 37 violations in August, most of which were termed "minimal harm," with the most serious being a medication error and lack of emergency power. The nurse who made the error has since been terminated and the facility has a new backup generator, Mrs. Perkins said.

The August survey spurred the facility to start making some personnel and cosmetic changes, she said. The facility is working with three consultants and took advantage of help from the Georgia Medical Care Foundation to advise it on the turnaround, Mrs. Perkins said. Having the special focus list is an aide for nursing homes to continue to improve, she said.

"It is helpful," said Mrs. Perkins, who has been at the nursing home less than a year. "It is a very stressful process, but it is a helpful process."

The facility is due for another inspection this month and she is eagerly anticipating it.

"We are so ready and we have absolutely turned this place around," Mrs. Perkins said. "We are well on our way to being off the list."

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Two Augusta area nursing homes were among the 131 "Special Focus Facilities" on the list released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

- Blair House Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 2541 Milledgeville Road

- The Place At Augusta, 820 Stevens Creek Road

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