Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A RAVE TO THE man who passed me yesterday on Washington Road holding up a sign that said MORON: You made me laugh for hours. Sorry I was going the speed limit.

A RANT FOR the Republican Party that John McCain is the best we have. I'm voting Democrat this time so at least the liberals can't blame the Republicans of George Bush when the terrorists inflict their carnage on American soil.

RANT FOR Augusta Regional Airport and a rave for Columbia Metro Airport. Why is it cheaper to fly from Columbia to Atlanta and to your destination than it is to fly from Augusta to Atlanta, then to your destination?

RAVES TO GOV. Sonny Perdue for adding the Academic Auditing section to the Governor's Office of Student Achievement. Georgia taxpayers and students deserve a public school system whose performance is monitored by a section operating outside the confines and influence of our state's educational bureaucracies.

RAVES TO THE STAFF at the main Columbia County library for operating a world-class facility!

A RANT TO the parent who allowed a child to bring home a pink digital camera that you know you did not purchase. Your child stole it from a student in Academy of Richmond County's child-care class.

A HUGE RAVE to Monkey Joe's on Furys Ferry Road. This past Thursday, the facility was open free to kids with special needs from 7 to 8 p.m. What an awesome opportunity for our children who miss out on so many activities.

JOHN EDWARDS needs to run as a third party independent candidate. There is no one left to speak for us liberals! Obama and Clinton are closet conservatives. Oh sure, they talk about taxing the rich and big business, and they give lip service to universal health care and to an increase in our entitlement programs. But if they get into office they will crumble under the pressure just like Bill did when he was in office.

RANT FOR Augusta Chronicle sports writers. What is it going to take for Lakeside to make headlines in sports? It's always Greenbrier on the cover.

WELL, WE SEE Mitt Romney's dropped out of the campaign, so now John McCain's got it. John McCain will never admit to doing wrong in that amnesty. ... He evades it when you ask him. But he has got a vile temper and it scares me because he's the guy with the finger on the button.