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Program at Winthrop brings Chinese to U.S.


ROCK HILL, S.C. --- The business boom in China is creating a need there for more accountants. Winthrop University, working with Nantong University outside Shanghai, is helping to train students for those jobs.

The students study at home in China for three years, then complete their final year of school at Winthrop's College of Business Administration. Along the way, they take classes taught by Winthrop faculty members, some in person, some online and by mail.

After their year in Rock Hill, students will return to China for their degrees.

"They're not going to do American jobs," said Roger Weikle, the dean of the Winthrop business college. "They're going to be doing jobs that are being created because of the activity in China."

Mr. Weikle said he expects about 25 of the 76 Chinese freshmen to make it to Winthrop in the fall of 2010. Some might drop out before they get to their senior year, and others might not be able to get visas.

Mr. Weikle said the idea for the program came from large accounting companies that need English- and Chinese-speaking accountants.

Grand jury slows down after drawing criticism

GREENVILLE, S.C. --- After being criticized for going through cases too quickly, the Greenville County grand jury is taking more time with individual cases this year.

The panel of 18 residents who decide whether prosecutors have enough evidence to pursue a case against suspects met more often in January but considered fewer cases, according to records from the Greenville County Clerk of Court.

The group also decided against indicting at a higher rate.