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Cadet shoots and kills teen trying to rob him


FOREST PARK, GA. --- A 14-year-old boy is dead after trying to rob an Atlanta police cadet in the parking lot of an Forest Park apartment complex, authorities say.

Police say the cadet, a former Marine who was not identified, was working on his laptop in his car just after midnight Saturday when Demarrio Jackson approached him with a shotgun. The cadet gave the laptop to the teen before drawing his own gun and shooting the boy.

Authorities are searching for another suspect believed to be involved with the attempted robbery. Police don't plan to charge the cadet because they say the shooting was self-defense.

Author Rushdie gives speech at university

ATLANTA --- Salman Rushdie has banned himself from appearing in any of his future novels, the author said in a speech Sunday in Atlanta.

Mr. Rushdie, one of the world's best known writers, said he is frequently asked whether he bases his fictional characters on himself. He said two characters were loosely autobiographical, but there will be no more.

"Too much of my life story has found itself into the public domain already," said Mr. Rushdie, 60, in a speech at Atlanta's Emory University.

The Indian-born, British writer has been a lightning rod for protests by Muslims since his book The Satanic Verses was published in 1988 and drew criticism that it insulted Islam.

A few months later, Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, ordered Muslims to kill Mr. Rushdie. The order forced the author into hiding for nearly a decade.

In a 55-minute speech to more than 1,000 people, Mr. Rushdie said he thinks memoirs and personal stories have become predominant in bookstores and that fans of fiction have come to expect that novelists base characters on actual people.