Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


THE POWERS-THAT-BE, regents and others, continue to bulldoze their way toward a medical school in Athens, despite the logic against it. Who's getting paid by whom? And who's paying the "consultant," Umbach?

STUDENTS FROM Evans High School are much more polite that the kids from Greenbrier High School.

I FIND IT INTERESTING that WSRC is challenging the new contract at SRS. The biggest change would be that 100 of the very top management would lose their jobs. If only they had fought with such vigor when earlier layoffs impacting the "regular" workers at SRS were taking place.

A RAVE FOR THE person, or persons, who continuously criticizes the Georgia Bulldogs. There is no greater compliment than jealously.

A RAVE FOR THE PERSON who had the guts to complain about the police harassing people for having drinks with dinner. I'm sick of it, too.

TO THE MENTAL GIANTS WHO believe Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president because she was in the White House for eight years: So was the pastry chef, and nobody wants to elect him.

A HUGE RAVE FOR Columbia County bus driver Lisa Owens. She takes care of "her kids" on a daily basis. She goes beyond her job description, and I can't thank her enough.

THIS IS A RANT TO the whining people from Section 8 housing. Your kids will get over changing schools. Kids do it all the time. Military kids do it more than most.

JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE locked up does not mean they are nobody. I feel that the lady that was answering the phones at Richmond County jail Jan. 24 was very rude.

THIS IS TO THE PEOPLE who try to pass everyone on Bobby Jones when you know the lane is ending: You are all idiots! If you know the lane is ending then get over; don't speed up and try to pass everyone because you are lazy.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR Robin at the Martinez Publix bakery. You truly are a great person and always very helpful.