Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I HAVE A SUGGESTION: All smokers who want to quit smoking, I know a way to quit and it won't kill you and you will never put another cigarette in your mouth. Eat a pack.

I WORKED FOR a company that went out of business, and I have not been paid. I went down to the Department of Labor, and the only thing they tell me is go get a lawyer. I'm unemployed. I can't go get one.

A RANT FOR Ask Amy . I too think her column is trashy. People write in about their sinful life, and she usually puts her stamp of approval on it.

RANTS TO THE chief of police of Harlem.

THIS IS A RANT for Columbia County middle school parents who don't want their kids rezoned. If you don't want them going to a new school, move. You knew what you were doing moved to Columbia County.

A RANT AGAINST our Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue: Appointing a Democrat to be a judge here in Augusta.

THE STUPID SPEED humps didn't ruin your shocks and alignment. You did because you were speeding. Now do you get it?

A RAVE TO Danny Craig for being named a judge. Congratulations Danny! With people like you as a judge, things will get done right.

I'M CALLING in reference to the gas prices in Augusta. I just went over the bridge to North Augusta and got gas cheaper. I would like to know why it is so high?

I HAVE A RAVE. We are so very fortunate to have two wonderful VA hospitals here in Augusta.

A RAVE FOR the North Augusta South Carolina Welcome Center. The area is so clean over there, and they have nice custodial workers. They should get a big raise for the nice job that they do. And they are courteous.

A RANT FOR the vet at the uptown VA for giving the pharmacist at the window such a hard time. You upset the pharmacy; you upset the veterans around you. You should be ashamed of yourself.