Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


IS IT JUST ME, or does every Northerner or Hollywood star answer every other question with "Absolutely"? Is that the word of the new millennium?

COLUMBIA COUNTY HAS found a way of saving money. When school crosswalks need painting, you just take down the crosswalk signs. Look at all the money they save.

A RANT TO THE thoughtless people with leaf blowers. Yard waste, especially pine straw, blown into our roadways by lazy individuals and lawn maintenance crews creates very dangerous driving conditions.

BIG RAVE FOR Jones Creek Golf Club.

RANT TO ALL THE snooty foreigners protesting the name of the new Grovetown High School. We are very proud of our Grovetown roots.

A BIG RAVE to MCG staff and nurses on 8 south. I want to thank them for all they did for me. It was wonderful.

BAD AUGUSTA DRIVERS? I've lived here over 20 years and the only accident I was involved in was a Columbia County teenager rear-ending me.

COLUMBIA COUNTY School Superintendent Charles Nagle learned well from his former boss. His arrogance toward soon-to-be-rezoned parents and children is revealing. You work for us!

I WOULD LIKE FOR THE Columbia County Sheriff's Department to enforce the traffic laws.

A RAVE TO WRDW for running the jubilant lady commercial. It is our favorite part of watching Jeopardy! Please keep running it for a while. It is great to see media helping consumers.

MY GRANDSON, WHO is in the Marines, shipped a car to Hawaii. When we inquired about insurance, we were told the company did not issue foreign policies. Yes, she was a recent high school graduate.

I OFTEN SEE RANTERS stating that they want to see smaller government. A large portion of the CSRA economy is based on government jobs. If SRS, Fort Gordon and MCG closed down, CSRA would be close to closing down, too. It appears we want smaller government as long as it is the area government that affects others, not us.