Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RAVE for the two brothers who helped me with my car battery on Saturday in front of the Friedman Library branch. Not only did they try to jump it, they went home and got jumper cables and came back. While they were gone, a young woman also stopped and tried to help me. ... By the time she finished, the two brothers had come back with the jumper cables. They jumped my car and started it. Bless them!

THIS IS A RANT for The Augusta Chronicle. With all the changes that you made to the newspaper, isn't there someplace besides on the sports page you can put the comics and this puzzle? Did it occur to anyone that the people who read the sports page are not necessarily the ones who do the puzzles?

THIS IS THE RANT for the management of The Augusta Chronicle . I think that your reorganization of the paper is sorry. It is obvious that you did it to add more advertising to the paper. It is hard to find the sections that you want to read up on. You have to go through every page.

A RAVE FOR the new Augusta Chronicle. Everything is organized and put into sections so that I don't have to look around for everything. Heck. there is even a table of contents! I think if anyone didn't like it it would be because they are just too lazy to learn new things. Good job!

A RAVE FOR new and improved Augusta Chronicle! The paper is so much cleaner and organized now!

LET'S GET ONE thing straight. The use of the word illegal immigration is ridiculous. They're illegal aliens. They're not immigrating; they are migrating. They don't plan on staying here. They send all their money back. ... Identity theft, crossing the borders without papers, not paying taxes. It is breaking the law. Would you call a drug dealer an illegal pharmacy? No.

I HAVE A HUGE rave for a lady from Columbia County. She took time out when the Martinez post office delivered my check to her home. She took the time out to bring it to my house. I really needed to pay my rent, and I would really like to thank her.

THIS IS THE RAVE for the front desk workers and management at The Partridge Inn who helped make my daughter's wedding stay wonderful. The few problems encountered were worked out with professional excellence.