Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


THE WORLD OF BASEBALL and the Chicago White Sox had their "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, and now the city of Augusta and the residents of District 6 have their "Speechless" Joe Jackson. The voters of District 6 spoke loud and clear when they elected "Speechless" to the commission. After two commission meetings, we are still waiting to hear from Joe. Some say you are just a puppet. Say it ain't so, Joe!

BRITAIN "APPROVED SCIENTISTS' use of animal eggs to create human stem cells." Will this make humans part animal?

THIS IS A HUGE rant for those drivers that don't slow down when they see a school bus stopping to pick up our children. Just like with traffic lights, yellow does not mean go faster.

EX-BRIT PRIME Minister Tony Blair will get paid $4.9 million a year after being hired by the J.P. Morgan bank in a "senior advisory capacity." A perfect example of modern corruption.

WHY IS IT LOGICAL and appropriate to install regulation-size basketball courts on elementary school property? Students who attend elementary school are too young and too small to utilize this type of playground equipment.

A RAVE TO SANJEEV , a sales rep at the Sprint store in Mullins Crossing, who assisted us in upgrading our cell phone recently. His customer assistance was excellent.

THE BAD ECONOMIC news may solve the Social Security issue. With all the boomers about to pack it in, they may now need to work to cover the losses to their 401(k)s.

RANT IN RESPONSE to the article concerning Gov. Sonny Perdue's annual state budget. How can he expect Richmond County to support $7.2 million for MCG? All they've done is hurt poor people by not treating them and in closing the only pharmacy in Augusta that tried to help people get the medicine they needed at a minimum cost that they could afford.

THIS IS A RANT for nobody cracking down on gangs and making sure we're not having them in our area. And this is the cause for all the robberies and shootings in the Augusta area.

WHAT DRIVES JUDGES these days? Ex-Burke County court deputy clerk embezzled over $21,000 from the county. She apparently stole from the county 237 times. Yet she gets no jail time.