Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THE RALEIGH News & Observer writes that the U.S. should reduce the size of its firepower. The News & Observer is clearly not observant. Reducing your firepower is asking to be attacked.

MY RANT is to law enforcement. I notice outdated paper tags and handwritten tags on pieces of cardboard on newly purchased autos all the time. Why is it that maybe a day or two after the tag on my car is expired I get pulled over, but you never see those people pulled over?

IT IS WONDERFUL that our ingenious governor wants to spend $50 million for land conservation. Now we will have somewhere to bury the 70,000 children he is robbing of health care.

THIS IS A RANT for the person who said the only difference between Columbia County and Richmond County is money. Has he not noticed that most people in Columbia County work, pay taxes and earn a paycheck?

ONCE AGAIN, Congressman Paul Broun's office has its "robo-phone" call my house. Listen carefully, goofball: When you show me that kind of disrespect, you are guaranteed to lose my vote.

THE SAME POLITICIANS who are opposed to placing a plaque on Riverwalk honoring the late Mayor Charles DeVaney don't seem to have any problem with naming streets, roads, highways, bridges and intersections after themselves. What a joke.

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