Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


RANT TO WHOEVER stole my plant off of my carport on Glenn Hills Drive. I hope whoever you gave it to is enjoying it!

A BIG RAVE to our Georgia highway designers: We are so happy that you had the foresight to construct the cement walls along Interstate 20 for our local graffiti artists. How long before we see the results of their work on both sides of the state-supplied "canvas"?

A RAVE FOR Richmond County street sweepers. They did a great job in Kingswood subdivision recently. You can tell another city worker took pride in his job. Thank you.

A RAVE FOR Sylvia Cooper. Her Sunday articles are the most interesting of anything in the paper to me. They are always full of Augusta news, politics, etc. Excellent!

I'VE BEEN TO GERMANY. It's clean, modern, efficient, and the people are highly educated. It baffles me why anyone in their right mind would want to leave Germany to emigrate to Augusta.

A RANT FOR THE DRIVERS of Augusta. You folks don't know how to drive.

JUST LIKE TO THANK coach Tony Robinson and coach Clint Sherman for being role models for so many kids in Augusta and for south Augusta athletics. You can see the results in girls basketball around the CSRA. Thanks.

I WANT TO KNOW what do people get out of shooting someone? Don't you know that is the coward's way out of a situation?

A RANT TO THE CHRONICLE. You call yourselves a free press but you only print those opinions that jibe with your agenda. Shame on you.

RANT TO ALL the drivers who can't seem to turn on their lights in the rain. It is hard enough to see as it is.

I WAS SADDENED to see a well-respected person in the community left out of your Dec. 31 Year in Review-Area Deaths-Lives lost touched Community. I certainly think David Robert Darby should have been on that list. I realize everyone can't be included, but his involvement in Golden Harvest Food Bank, the YMCA and Richmond County Planning and Zoning, to mention a few, gives good reason. His funeral service was the largest I have ever attended. I am truly shocked at this oversight.

I WANTED TO THANK the Augusta police who helped an old lady who was stuck on Gordon Highway and Deans Bridge Road, stalled at the light. They're good people. Thank you.

A BIG RAVE for Bryan Foster, The Augusta Chronicle delivery man in the Highland Avenue area. You are a very nice person with a big heart with a lot of respect. You always deliver the paper on time, and the paper is always at arm's reach.

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