Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A RANT FOR HOME-WRECKERS. Wouldn't it be wise to check to see if his divorce is final before you attend church and family events with him? Ask to see his final divorce decree. (There isn't one.) His children, wife, pastor and congregation were appalled at your presence.

A RAVE to The Augusta Chronicle for printing mostly raves on Christmas Day.

A RANT TO HUNTERS WHO COME to play golf dressed in jeans, plaid shirts and orange jackets. Please remember where you are. Also, you can't just relieve yourself next to a tree by the tee box.

I AM A 57-YEAR-OLD man, retired and working a part time job. I have seen a lot of senseless things in my lifetime, and it seems like people who want peace and harmony die untimely deaths. I hope that this leaves a lot of thought to people that support a warmonger in the White House.

TO THE "CAT LADY" in our neighborhood: You can't keep cats at your own home, and now those that you keep feeding roam in our yards!

HOW ABOUT A COURSE in "courteous driving" instead of "defensive driving?"

THE TRASH AND LEAF pickup service here in Augusta has to be the best in the world! They are so reliable, and it is so encouraging that they will be here at the appointed time.

PEOPLE WHO ABUSE OR KILL animals should be punished. This has nothing to do with abortion.

OUR COUNTRY IS MADE UP of people of many nationalities. With this in mind, let's deport all who habitually commit major crimes to their country of origin.

A RANT TO THE Richmond County Sheriff's Office. Where are you when taxpaying law abiding citizens in the 30901 area need you for assistance?

WE'D LIKE TO THANK the Richmond County Sheriff's Office for responding so quickly to come to the aid of an elderly gentleman on Kentwood Drive trying to change a tire. It was cold, too. Thank you, again, Sheriff Strength. We appreciate you and your department.

I HAVE A REAL PROBLEM when I see our Richmond County deputies hanging out at convenience stores with scratch-off tickets.

A RAVE FOR Smith Chevron Station at Wheeler Road and Walton Way Extension. Greatest bunch of guys in Augusta.

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