Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


A RAVE FOR CATS! Cats are much cleaner and more independent than dogs -- they don't hike their leg on coffee tables, make a mess with their food, and unlike dogs, they do not like to be dirty! Our family had dogs as pets for years, then got a cat -- what a nice change that was.

I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE a comment about the editorial cartoon on Christmas Day. It was one of the best cartoons that I have every seen! Thank you for putting it in the paper.

THE EVANS LIBRARY is a delight for its patrons. BUT, being closed several days for the Christmas holiday, they locked up their return bins with notice that they were afraid they would overflow during the hiatus. So what do Columbia Countians do? The leave their returns on the ground "outside the box."

I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH those people who said that we need to put the bad boys in the military and send them to Iraq. The officers and noncommissioned officers in our armed forces are responsible for winning war and protecting our nations. They do not need a bunch of hoods to worry about.

A RANT FOR the Georgia Lottery. It used to be if you played, and won a ticket, you could play again, or collect the price of the ticket, and play something else or keep the money. Now if you win a ticket, you must take another ticket, or lose your money. Who wants another ticket to play something that just paid thousands of dollars the night before?

FOR THE PEOPLE WHO write in and want national socialized medicine: Just look at the immigration mess and then ask yourself if you really want the federal government managing your health care? Are you nuts?

I HAVE A SPECIAL RAVE to Josh Bennett of Bobby Jones Ford. We shall see if word of mouth is truly the best advertising. This man went above and beyond the responsibilities of his job to ensure that my car was delivered for Christmas. Thank you!

AS A VOTER, I WOULD never vote for Giuliani. He is too busy trying to impress young women. And Edwards, he really needs to be home with his wife, who is trying to overcome cancer. As far as the rest of them. No Hillary please. I'm an independent.

WE HAVE A SPECIAL RAVE for all people who gave special attention to nursing home patients. God bless you all.

AS A TEACHER, I find it odd that when my students do Internet research, the connection speed is no better than dial-up, but at the Board of Education offices it's lightning fast. When is Dr. Bedden going to address this problem?

I WOULD LIKE TO send a huge rave to the folks at the Life Center Church on Belair Road. I lost my job and my husband's hours have been cut way back. The members of Life Center brought my family enough food to get through the holiday season and so many presents for my family that they made this the best Christmas my family has had. Thank you so much.

THIS IS HUGE PRAISE for the person(s) responsible for delivering the newspaper to us on Christmas morning. We were just removing all the Santa evidence from the house around 2:30 a.m. when we noticed our paper at the end of the drive. Thank you for a job well done.