Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


STATE AUDIT SHOWS state workers are spending $370,000,000 fraudulently by illegal use of state credit cards. Perdue is the governor, thus he is ultimately responsible. Do you reckon Perdue realizes he should be locked under the prison for allowing $370,000,000 to get stolen?

ZILLIONAIRE WARREN BUFFETT gave millions to charity, but the charity was the "foundation" of Bill Gates, another zillionaire. Who knows how this thing worked out, but it sounds like Buffett was able to write off his entire charitable deduction, while Gates' foundation, being tax-exempt, paid no taxes on the income to the foundation.

THE POSTAL SERVICE is removing stamp machines from facilities. Not everyone can get to the post office during business hours. Charge more with less convenience -- now that's what I call serving the public.

A RANT FOR Richmond County government. The employees haven't had a Christmas bonus in five years. No matter how hard you work, Augusta can't afford it.

WE ALLOW PEOPLE to come to our nation to live free. Now, many of those people do not want us to have our freedom.

A RANT TO THE people on Richmond Hill Road who park untagged and uninsured cars on the street in front of their house, and a rant to the sheriff's office for not ticketing these owners. They are a hazard and an eyesore.

I ADMIRE THE accomplishments of James Brown and his giving nature, and I can't blame his family for wanting their share of his estate, but for the families' sordid escapades to be splashed all over the newspaper several times is too much.

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