Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


MAYBE RON CROSS CAN explain why Moss Creek has to solve their own pond dredging problem while his pals at West Lake get their pond maintenance bills paid by the county.

A RAVE FOR EVERYONE involved in decorating downtown, especially the commons. Thank you! The decoration around the Godfather's statue is nice, too.

THE PAUL SUPPORTERS need to stop living in the past. This is an entirely different generation. We have more to contend with than one old man who can't adapt to today's world.

A RANT TO LOCAL law enforcement. I am the victim still waiting on restitution from a crime against me in 2003. Was just informed assailant got three years for other crimes he committed. Was told by local probation office: If you want your restitution, take the assailant to civil court. He's already been to court! And sentenced to pay me.

LET'S STOP BEING so critical of others and come forward with the human kindness in all of us. It's easier to criticize than to extend a helping hand.

I WOULD LIKE AUGUSTA'S new congressman Paul Broun to stop calling my home with automated messages. It is beyond annoying.

A RAVE for Martinez Elementary and the students who take down and fold "Old Glory." I saw it today.

A HUGE RAVE for the good folks who handled the donations for the Hawes memorial.

THIS IS A RAVE for the gorgeous, well-designed Augusta Regional Airport. Our children flew out today, and on time, too.

WHY IS IT THAT EVERYTHING in Columbia County is GOOD and everything in Richmond County is BAD? There is no difference in the people -- the only difference is the amount of money.

THIS IS A RAVE for the principal at Columbia Middle School. Thanks for being such a caring person. All principals could learn a thing or two from you!

BEDTIME STORY reading has dropped, and we wonder why kids grow up so ignorant today. The experts blame it on parents who work so hard they are too tired to read at night. Isn't it ironic that most of those kids who aren't getting read to are children of parents who live off various forms of welfare, thus they're never too tired to do anything.

THE COLUMBIA COUNTY Board of Education does not need to give its nurses a raise, it needs to give its teachers a raise. If nurses want a raise, then I suggest working in a hospital.

TO THE RANTER about Columbia County school nurse: If you think they are disrespected you should check into what a parapro makes. They are pulled to cover any class that can't get a sub, plus have to make sure their own job is done.

RANTS TO THE CITY for pursuing the spending of millions of dollars on Ellis Street. Have they looked lately at all the garbage, trash, terrible walking locations, and ugly-looking buildings? Why not consider a little money to clean up this eyesore, including painting some of the old buildings?