Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


HELP! I'M FREEZING! Somebody call Al Gore!

A BIG RANT to people who steal from the Salvation Army. You ought to be ashamed. God knows exactly who are you, so you better start praying.

THIS MESSAGE IS for the Richmond County Board of Education and new superintendent, Dr. Bedden. Question for you: Is heat in this year's budget? Because you are taking everything out. I was concerned because when I walked my child to her classroom today, that room was freezing. Dr Bedden, the kids cannot function when it is cold. Please do not take heat out of the budget.

FINALLY, SOME RAIN! Boy, our local network TV "meteorologists," the proud-and-out-loud storm team blew it this time, huh? I'm just saying that perhaps these TV weather folks might be a little overindulged and overpaid for what they provide.

A BIG RAVE for 102.7 WGUS radio. They play gospel music and it is such a blessing.

I RECEIVED a beautiful thank-you note from my wonderful paper carrier. That's a good newspaper person.

A RANT TO THE PERSON who stated: "I don't have to drive in the right lane." In Northern states, you receive a $150 ticket for driving in the left lane unless passing.

WHAT IS SO WONDERFUL about somebody like Tiger Woods that you can't promote people like Larry Mize, Vaughn Taylor and Charles Howell, our own local ones? Y'all don't promote them like you should.

A RANT AND A RAVE for the folks who stole the grandkids' toys and things under the tree. You crooked thieves.

A RAVE TO THE KIND manager of Olive Garden for stopping to help my husband (who is on oxygen) and me get our car off Columbia Road, and for changing our flat tire in the pouring rain on Saturday. This surely is an example of the true spirit of the season.

A RAVE TO MARILYN GRAU and Columbia County Parks and Recreation. My daughter and I just attended a demonstration at the Reed Creek Nature Park on using natural materials to create lovely decorations for the home. It was great!

WHY DO PEOPLE USE the newspaper to complain? Take action on whatever you don't like in our city, meetings, petitions, etc.

WHY DO SOME FOLKS constantly complain about radio stations? There seems to be dozens available with all types of formats. Here's a suggestion -- get satellite radio.

A RAVE FOR THE 10 percent school budget cut. Maybe since Richmond County is losing students every day, it should rethink early retirement and combining schools.

A RAVE TO ANYONE who donates blood to our soldiers. Please help them in this time of need.

THE FEDS ARE TAKING steps to protect buyers in the subprime market. Who is going to protect the taxpayer from people who are too stupid to know they cannot afford a house, or who are too ignorant to read their contract?

A RANT TO THE CHRONICLE and the National Weather Service. As I watched the rains come down last Saturday, I knew that the local media would grab onto the spin "It's not going to help anything." How can one inch of rain not help? How pathetically predictable.

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