Across the Southeast

RV travelers fight to vote in primaries


CHATTANOOGA, TENN. --- Tennessee election officials who canceled voter registrations of 286 retirees who travel full-time in recreational vehicles asked a judge to dismiss an emergency request that would allow three of the retirees to vote in the Feb. 5 presidential primaries.

Tricia Herzfeld, an American Civil Liberties Union attorney in Tennessee for the three retirees, said Friday she remains hopeful that a federal judge will grant the request before the presidential voting.

No hearing dates are set on the request or a related November suit that contends the state is violating the plaintiffs' rights to vote and travel.

Though Monday is a deadline for new voters to register and qualify for Tennessee's presidential primaries, Ms. Herzfeld and state attorney Janet Kleinfelter said that deadline does not have to apply to the emergency request on behalf of the three RVers. They are plaintiffs in the suit pending before U.S. District Judge Curtis Collier.

"Their voter registration cards have not been destroyed," Ms. Kleinfelter said. "If the court orders us to register them, all we have to do is reinstate those registrations."

-- Edited from wire reports