Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


THANK YOU TO the kind man in the Augusta Mall outside Starbucks. You were so nice and saved me a great deal of time and anguish in locating my mother's purse. Just when I think there is only evil and cruelty in this world, someone like you restores my faith.

A BIG RANT TO THOSE WHO park in the no-parking zones in front of supermarkets and sit in the vehicle while another of their party shops. To make it worse, you fuss back when someone criticizes you.

THANK YOU FOR AT LEAST being sorry my white cat was run over and killed on our small cut-through dirt road in Appling. The speed limit is 15 mph, posted by the county because of children. Our road has been closed to through traffic because of speeders using it as a quick cut-through, which has caused several wrecks. No one was injured, but it was just a matter of time. Shame it did not happen before my cat got in someone's way. It could have been a child.

A RAVE FOR MS. JENNIE at the customer service counter in the Augusta Mall. She was extremely helpful and attentive in helping me with my mother, as we required a wheelchair. My mother will remember you for a long time to come.

A RANT TO WHOEVER has a say about the Law Enforcement Center. I have been visiting this jail for sometime now and was really surprised to hear why some things in my brother's cell were not being fixed. The deputies told me that there were only three or four maintenance workers at the jail and they had several other buildings to tend to besides the jail. I think this is really bad business for the county.

THIS IS A RANT for irresponsible neighbors -- if your tree falls, breaks a fence and lands half in your yard, half in someone else's ... clean it up! Don't just saw the fallen tree in half, fix the fence and leave the other half for your neighbor to deal with.

YES, VIRGINIA, there was a James Brown. Can we please move on?

A CAR LICENSE PLATE tag number to drive around town with New Year's Eve: DWIIM2.

RANT TO THE CHRONICLE: Why don't you create a separate section for James Brown and reserve the front pages of the paper for more current news?

A RANT TO THE CHRONICLE for shoving James Brown down our throats. A lot of other people have lost their parents this time of year, too. So what makes him so special? He's never done anything for me or put food on my table.

AGAIN I OPEN the paper Christmas Eve and James Brown's picture is looking at me. I enjoy his music, but, good God, two days of nothing but James Brown is getting old. The man has been dead over a year.

RAVE TO DOUBLETREE HOTEL, formerly The Sheraton: I have had a bridge table for 15 years. I came back after an extended illness, and someone changed the rules where I can no longer be a player at the table. But I will get another table of players. I wish to thank Sandy and Debbie, who are servers, and I will see them soon.

I'D LIKE TO THANK the members of the Augusta Fire Department for their fruit baskets they give every year to the widowed women. Thank you.

HILLARY'S HEALTH CARE or universal health care is socialism and communism, any way you spell it.

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