Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I WOULD LIKE TO applaud our new Richmond County Superintendent, Dr. Bedden. I think he just may be heading in the right direction. I have a child in middle school and I just can't come and sit in the classroom all day and watch my child, not just for behavior but just to have the teachers do their jobs. With the new plan of improvement, maybe they will focus on establishing goals and achieving them, instead of holding the children accountable.

I WOULD LIKE TO give a thumbs down to the folks working at the child support office. My husband's ex-wife is over $8,000 behind in her child support. Well, come on, folks. If this was a man he would be thrown in jail. Do something about the WOMEN behind in their child support!

TO THE PERSON whose New Year resolution is to educate Augusta drivers: I don't believe you'll find any traffic officer who will fine a driver for stopping for a funeral, illegal or not. This is the South and it's what we do.

A MAJOR RANT TO Columbia County school board. You couldn't have picked a more boring color scheme or mascot for the new school? It is so blah. ... Boring, boring, boring.

A RANT TO MR. LUMPKIN at Cross Creek High School. He needs to stop talking on his cell phone.

WAS THE USA made in China? Why have we put everything in this country out of business? Where can we buy "Made in USA?"

I WISH THE PAPER would do a better job of covering all local sports. You put the all region 4-AAAA softball team in the paper but not the 3-AAA.

SEEMS A BUNCH of people witnessed some lady tapping out on her little girl at the Publix, so many that they all felt compelled to write to the paper in order to yell at her in return. Why didn't they just step up at the moment and castigate her?

A RANT TO THE GUY that drives around town in what looks like a huge, silver Dodge Durango on a flatbed. Unless you're a school bus driver or in the Partridge Family, there's no need for a vehicle that large.

I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE credit to the fire department and 911. A house across the street was on fire, and 911 answered on the second ring and the fire department was there in less than three minutes. No one gives the fire department enough credit for putting their lives on the line every day for other people.

A RAVE TO the fine, young men at Evans' Rhinehart's on Dec. 11 who came to the rescue of my husband, who was having a seizure. Their quick response kept him from falling on the ground and getting hurt. They stayed with him until I could bring the car over and put him inside. Raves for the great people at Rhinehart's who packed our food to go and didn't even charge us! Bravo! Love ya'll!

A RAVE FOR the Augusta Lynx hockey players I saw at MCG. My little cousin is in MCG's children's hospital and on a day I was visiting with her, three Lynx players came to the hospital and brought Christmas teddy bears to all the children. I think they are wonderful.

YOU'D SPEED OUT of SRS, too, if you worked there and had to put up with the things they put up with every day.

TO THE MAN in the silver BMW convertible on South Belair Road: You may have thought you were cool shifting gears and texting, but you were plain stupid. Keep it up and you'll be texting for some help for the accident you've caused.

EXPERTS SAY 2007 was the eighth-warmest year on record. So -- if it's not FIRST warmest year, then there can't be any global warming. Various ambitious people are simply using this as their own steppingstone to personal power.

THE POLITICALLY CORRECT idea that a crook who commits a crime -- in this case a dope crime -- should be released from jail early, even though at the time he committed the crime he knew what he was doing, will only create a sudden swarm of criminals into our towns and cities. We're in real trouble and our leaders don't know it.

TO THE IDIOT setting traps for cats in Shadowmoor: Cats can't be kept in a cage or forced to stay inside. They hurt no one. You don't want any of my cats caught in your trap, 'cause I will find you!

HERE'S A RANT for the person complaining that state workers had the day after Thanksgiving off from work. Well, we don't get paid the big bucks like you, so we get benefits instead. Leave us poor folks alone.

I DON'T LISTEN TO OPRAH when it comes to picking a book. Why should I listen to her when it comes to picking a president?