Fighting injures principal

A Richmond County principal was sent to the hospital Wednesday after suffering injuries when she tried to break up a fight that led to an early release of school, Superintendent Dana Bedden said.


Cross Creek High School Principal Lynn Warr was "slammed" into a wall and injured her back, knee and arm, Dr. Bedden said. She was treated at the emergency room of Trinity Hospital of Augusta and released.

Two male students were fighting, and one pulled out brass knuckles, Dr. Bedden said. When he did, the other stepped back, accidentally pushing Ms. Warr against the wall.

"The one thing is clear, no one intentionally tried to attack her," the superintendent said after speaking with students and parents.

Ms. Warr and other school personnel were trying to stop the students from fighting, Dr. Bedden said.

The sheriff's office was called, and one student was charged with a felony for bringing a weapon to school. The other was charged with fighting and disrupting school, he said. Both were released to their parents, and both were suspended pending a disciplinary tribunal.

Because students were "riled up" and the "adrenaline," Dr. Bedden decided to let school out early, he said.

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