Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:

I WOULD LOVE to give raves to Grovetown workers for the excellent job that they did on putting up the Christmas lights and props to my boyfriend for leading the pack!

I WOULD LIKE to rant about the personal use of government vehicles. I was behind a county vehicle this week, and the gentleman had his dry cleaning hanging up from the back window.

WE SEARCH to find out why the state of South Carolina is at the bottom of the list in the United States for education. Then it suddenly comes to light when over a 1,000 adults show up to campaign for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I WOULD LIKE to thank several doctors and staff, including Dr. Pye, Dr. Armstrong, Dr. Bush and all the staff on the 11th floor of the Eisenhower hospital at Fort Gordon for helping my mother get home and get well. We thank you, and you are truly special and wonderful people.

A RANT to obese people too lazy to do anything about it. You're making our insurance rates rise, making your loved ones cater to your every need. And you expect everyone to feel sorry for you. I don't.

A RANT to the UPS driver who backed his delivery truck into a handicap spot in front of a Columbia County property tax office.

A RANT to the city of Grovetown. You all made the law to not have cars and trucks parked on the streets, but the police are not enforcing it. Please enforce it in the neighborhood of Harvestwood.

MOTORCYCLISTS OFTEN complain about inattentive drivers, but I've seen a motorcyclist driving on his back wheel at top speeds down Interstate 20. He could have caused an accident. but the car drivers are always to be blamed.

IN REGARD TO the rant about the Columbia County Board of Education not honoring Veterans Day, I also agree. I think it shows a great disrespect to our servicemen who are overseas fighting for our freedom and safety, and yet Columbia County refuses to acknowledge or give pupils the day off for that day.

THIS IS A COMMENT to the person who isn't going to buy anything for Christmas this year that wasn't 100 percent made in America. I just want to say: Good luck finding it!

A RANT FOR the Columbia County Board of Education. Stop disrespecting the school nurses and start paying the nurses more.

A RANT FOR the Aiken County school board. You did not serve the citizens and students or teachers of Aiken County in going out of the area to select a candidate that has had controversy. There were two qualified candidates, one more than qualified, Dr. Frank Roberson, who would have served and has served us well. Citizens should remember this when they get ready to vote again.

IT WAS REALLY great that Channel 12 had the Dec. 2 parade on TV. I love it! Thank you, Channel 12.

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